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How can I contact Goodidea?
What is your return policy?
How can I cancel a one-time shipping order?
Do you charge sales tax?
What are bottle deposits, and how can I recover them?


What is a Goodidea subscription?
How do I swap flavors for my subscription?
Can I change the billing method for my subscription?
Can I change the shipping address for my Goodidea subscription?
I have a subscription, can i change the delivery date for my next shipment?
Can I add or remove certain flavors to my existing Good Idea subscription?
How do I unsubscribe to/cancel my subscription?


What is Good Idea?
What's in it for me?
How does it work?
How does it taste?
When should I drink Good Idea?
How can Good Idea help me consume less sugar?
How can I know Good Idea really works?
Can you put figures on the effect of Good Idea on blood sugar?
Why a sparkling water?
Why does Good Idea have to be consumed with food?
I have diabetes – will Good Idea help me?
What‘s the origin of the amino acids?
How much amino acids are in Good Idea?
How much chromium is in Good Idea?
Why is the dietary chromium added?
Why is Good Idea labeled as a dietary supplement?
What happens if I drink Good Idea without food?
How much energy is in your product?
Is Good Idea sweetened?